patient communication

Text Messaging

SMS open rate is as high as 98%. We will set up an effective messaging system to communicate with patients. Our SMS strategy will help to strengthen communication for your practice. It is an efficient way to get in touch with patients or staff when you need to send an appointment reminder, a general alert, or any type of important message

82% of people say they open every SMS text message they recieve. Don't you?


64% of consumers believe that businesses should use SMS to interact with customers


91% of users who opted-in to recieve texts from a brand see those messages as somewhat or very useful

CRM Systems

We integrate with the main practice management systems. Or we will implement one for you to manage all your contacts, and also aggregate lead and patient information to build profiles. This will give the practice easy access to important information on patient records and previous communications with contacts across different channels and easily address issues with best practice and less effort for improved patient experience and loyalty.